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Interview with DJ Peltier of Generation 333

photo of DJ Peltier of Generation 333DJ Peltier was one of the trip leaders and has been ministering in Salem for several years now. We sat down with him and asked him about his time there and his experience with the film.

How did you get involved with ministering in Salem, MA?

I got involved in ministering in Salem a few years ago when I was a 1st year student at Global School of Supernatural Ministry. A 2nd year student, Eli Qureshi invited me and a couple other classmates to go and so the 4 of us went. It was so amazing and I saw so many healings, miracles and supernatural things happening that I made a decision it was going to be a yearly trip for the rest of my life.

What stood out to you about your experience there?

What stood out to me this year was the amount of deep rooted freedom people were experiencing. We have seen people healed emotionally in past years but this year there seemed to be much more intimate personal inner healing than past years. There was healing of trauma, and personal issues because people opened up and got raw and real which allowed longer more intimate times to be spent with them and then God showed up over and over to deal with these issues Himself.

What can people expect from Witch City and the Children of Light?

People can expect to see God show up and show off in what the world and even Christians would look at as "one of the darkest places or events" in America. That could very well be, but if that is the case than you will definitely see that we, Christians are called to be light and in the midst of the darkest dark the light always, has and will shine the brightest!

What about the film excites you?

What excites me about this film is that the world is going to see this is for every Christian everywhere. We are just a "normal" group of classmates that just went to love on unsuspecting people and release the Kingdom of God. We were not a bunch famous names but a group of "little ole me's" as our apostolic leader Randy Clark would put it. If you are a Christian, John 14:12 says that you are called to do the things Jesus did and even greater. I didn't write that, God did. If you have an issue with it take it up with Him.

How can people get involved with the kind of ministry you are doing in the film?

If you would like to get involved in this kind of ministry you can find more info at,, and

Healing Testimonies — Extras From Alex

photo of Alex, author of this blog post and one of the spiritual advisors at the Haunted Happenings Festival in Salem, MAWe asked some of those who went on the trip to share some written testimonies that didn’t make it into the film. Here’s a couple from Alex Jacobi.

Used & Abused but God…

While at Salem, a couple that was walking over to receive a reading were about to have a real encounter with God. Before they even sat down, I had a word of knowledge about a back injury for the guy and he confirmed this was true as he injured it from being up on a roof. I told him that we’ll take care of that before we go any further. His pain level was at a five and after one prayer, his pain level went down to one. I asked to pray one more time and he was completely healed from his back injury that he suffered from for years after falling off a roof. Then, I began to get a vision for the lady sitting next to him and saw how she had been used and abused, seeing in my mind a picture of her in the kitchen getting yelled at while cleaning and a stick that was used to hit her at another stage. In the midst of all that I saw in the vision, I also saw her heart that was so beautiful. As I began to share with her what I saw, tears started streaming down her face. I spoke into her heart and expressed that even in the midst of what had happened to her, she was not the type to retaliate but she had been unjustifiably treated this way. I also got to share my testimony and released hope, love and life. Both of them were visibly touched by this encounter and in that moment I got to tell them that it was Jesus who healed them and revealed to us these things about their lives. They explained how they went to church before but left because there were too many hypocrites, but today they got a fresh perspective on God. They left a whole lot more filled with hope than what they came in with it was so beautiful to watch.

Teenager With the Key

Another time, two teenagers came and sat in front of us and I was drawn to a necklace one of the teenagers was wearing that had a key on it. When I asked the LORD about it, a picture came to mind where I saw a bedroom at night and someone opening the door to her bedroom and felt a sense of what had happened without being shown the details. I began sharing what I saw and she told me how her ex-boyfriend had tried raping her. She confirmed this was true and had been in a relationship that had been abusive and said that she was trying to break away from that and start something new. I got to share about how Jesus was guiding her footsteps in this new process she was in and leading her into a new season filled with hope and joy.

About Witch City - Interview With the Director

Welcome to our blog! During the next couple months we will hear from different contributors learning a little bit about who they are, their testimonies, and their experience with Witch City and the Children of Light. This week we sat down with Chris Brands, director of Witch City to ask about the film. Check out the interview below…

How did this film come about?

Back in September, 2016 Justin and DJ approached me about coming with them to Salem, MA to film this outreach they did. They shared some stories from past years and it all sounded very exciting. Global Awakening gave me the go ahead so I packed up my gear and went. I wasn’t fully sure what was going to come of what I was shooting even while I was shooting it. But I had the idea that this could make a great film so I just tried to shoot anything and everything that I could. Once I got back and looked at the footage we played around with a few ideas including releasing short stories, or an episodic series. Eventually we decided that a feature film would be the best way to package the content in a way that people would find entertaining, captivating, and impactful.

Why the title Witch City?

Salem, MA is often referred to as The Witch City or The City of Witches. The city has embraced the nickname so much so that even the city’s police patch contains the nickname and an emblem of a witch. The title is simply referring to Salem and a group of Christians visiting the city. While the film is about this event that happens in Salem, it is more so about what happens when God’s children let their light shine out of a place of love as opposed to a place of fear and judgement.

What makes Witch City unique?

What’s unique about Witch City is that we got to capture so much right as it was happening. It’s not after the fact testimonies, everything that is talked about is happening right in front of you on the screen. And then as you watch these things happen you also get to hear interview responses about what was happening internally. You get to see how words of knowledge, prophecy, and healing is given and then you get to hear tips from those who did it. I think this film is not only entertaining and inspiring but from a practical stand point it could help a lot of people step out and take risks for God. Sometimes just having a practical example to watch is all you need to gain confidence to go do it yourself.

This film also puts a face to many of those the church consistently condemns. I think sometimes it is easy for the church to judge certain people such as witches, psychics or those in the LGBTQ community because they don’t personally know anybody participating in those things. Once you realize that these people are just like you and me, they have dreams, they have families, they have doubts and fears. Once you realize that and get to know them it is easier to move towards them with love instead of pushing them away in fear. That instead of having an agenda and building relationship for the sake of converting or changing we can build relationship for the sake of relationship and let the love of God just flow through who we are as we release hope, peace, and joy. Hopefully this film helps people to do that.

Who is this film for?

Everyone! While the story is told from the perspective of Christians and is geared toward a Christian audience I like to believe there’s something in it that everyone can find interesting and informative. The goal of this film isn’t to convert people to Christianity, or to sway people to a certain stream of Christianity. The goal is to inspire people to love others. I would hope that Christians can watch and be inspired to think creatively about how the gospel can be shared. More importantly I hope they can have a better understanding of people they may not usually come into contact with. On the other side I hope that non-Christians can watch and see not all Christians just want to yell at them through a blow horn and that many of us care about them regardless of whether or not they become a Christian.

What didn’t make the cut?

A lot. I got to capture so many great moments and only so many of them were able to make it into the film. Many of these along with extended cuts of some of the interviews will be put together as special features and made available along with the purchase of the movie via digital download and DVD. There are also many testimonies and great moments that did not get filmed. Many of these we hope to share on our blog at

Does Global on Demand plan to make more original content?

Yes! This is something new for us so we’re still trying to figure it all out. However as opportunities come up and ideas present themselves we hope to be offering more content like this in the future. If this is something you enjoy and you’d like to see more of please consider giving to Global Awakening and subscribing to Global On Demand.